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Auto Alcohol Disinfectant Dispenser(2500ml)
dual power supply

Suitable for alcohol disinfectant water and Hypochlorous acid water.
Responsive, stable, & precisely controlled.
Wide-angle atomizing spray, evenly & savingly.
Multi-stage spray volume adjustment, dosage controllable.
Dual power supply(battery or DC) design to meet different needs.
Intelligent power saving and sleep mode design extend battery life, one touch to wake-up.
Voltage stabilizing circuit design, when the power is insufficient, the amount of discharging liquid will not decrease.
Low voltage reminder design, reminding to replace the batteries in time.
Equipped with a splash-proof tray to keep the environment clean and tidy.
Flexible placement, can be wall-mounted or placed on the table.(Floor stand is also available for order)
With drilling and drilling-free hooks, convenient for various needs.


* Special introduction to "Sleep Mode, one touch to wake-up":

In order to save battery power, the device will automatically enter into the sleep mode and remember the last settings after being idle for 24 hours without sensing a use. If you need to restart the device,just touch the power button to wake it up. (Note: This function only works under battery-powered status. This feature can save power consumption when the device is not in use for a long period of time while away from home or when the office is on weekend & long holidays.)

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