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Place "FoamShield" on the floor by the side of toilet. Before using the toilet, operate the "FoamShield" to spray thick foam on the toilet water surface to prevent dirty water from splashing, unpleasant odors spreading, and feces smearing the toilet wall, providing a pleasant using environmemt for the next toilet user to avoid social embarrassment.

Product Features
Suitable for all kinds of diluted soap liquids (no particles), or soap liquids produced from concentrated soap effervescent tablets.
The electric spray rod automatically performs positioning, spraying, and homing.
The spray rod has no contact with the toilet, which is clean and hygienic.
The direction of the spray rod can be selected, which can meet any space needs.
Two motors, double the spraying speed.
Multi-stage spray volume adjustment, dosage controllable.
Large capacity, no need to refill frequently.
Rechargeable, can be used after charged or directly plug in to use.
Low power warning to remind recharging.
Put next to the toilet , easy to use.

Technical Parameters
Power supply: Built-in 12.1V/1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery or plug in to use directly(DC 15V/1A)
Spraying time: 4s, 5.5s, 7s, 8.5s, 10s
Nozzle height(from ground): 44cm around
Ambient temperature for operating: -0.5<C~45<C
Maximum capacity: 7500ml
Net weight: 1.33kg / 2.93pounds
Dimension: 264x104x470mm / 10.4x4.1x18.5inch


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