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A real-time online weather station for kitchen, living room, and night table,...etc.

― This is a weather station, an alarm clock, and a digital photo player.
― Wirelessly picks up weather, time, and date information from PC
(internet connection enabled) through signal transmitter and receiver.
― Weather information including pattern of weather, outdoor temperature,
wind force, UV index, time of sunrise and sunset, humidity, atmospheric
  pressure, and 3 days forecast.
― With temperature sensor for indoor temperature
― With 2MB built-in flash memory for around 50 (320x240 pixels) pictures・storing
― Automatic battery power backup against AC power failure to ensure the clock・s
  continuously running.
― Screen saver function will be activated for 30 second if a 5-minute static display
   is detected.
― Seven choices for clock faces
― Dimension: 92 x 99 x 25mm
― Power: AC & AAA x 3 (not included)

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